Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where are all my friends?

This one was flying around with a group and while the others flew to a nearby tree this one landed up on the wire in front of my window. I just managed to take thi shot before it flew away.


Karthik said...

Very beautiful indeed.

Nethra said...

The picture is very beautiful but I am waiting to read a story written by you.

reverie said...

Hey, Beautiful pics.... :)
Thanks for visiting my page.
I have recently brought Canon D500 & heading to rajasthan till 3rd Feb. I will sure have some interesting stories/pics wn I come back...
ba bye for now.

Vibhuti B said...

another butiful click!
is it the american finch again?

Sunny said...

@reverie - Thats good news ... another fellow photographer, and the camera that you've got would really bring out some amazing pics... and I hope we dont ever get into that Nikon-Canon arguement ever ... lol

@Vibhuti - No, its a western kingbird ... its small than the american finch, very cute and agile.

Sunny said...

@kartik - Thanks bro.

@Nethra - Yes the stories would surely be coming soon .


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