Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wonder where am I lost ...

Its been a long long time that I have only been looking at my blog and wondering, Why am I not updating it? I am at a loss thinking it over and over. Why is it that I am not able to write clearly, write well, oh ... forget write clearly and well ... why am I not able to write at all ??? Its a really strange situation that has engulfed me these days. Sitting down to write used to be a pleasure break that I used to wait for in the past, but its really become a pain these days. I have such a lot of thoughts running in my mind but the pain is taking them all away one by one.
The pain would have compelled me to write if it were sometime in the past but I guess I have realized lately, that like all things good or bad, even pain has a limit to it. A bit of pain can make a lovely poem, a bit more can make a lovely song, a bit more ... 4 months of writers block ... :-) ...

sorry to bother those too busy with their stuff ... posting this one just for me ... ;-)


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