Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In the Sun and Rain

These are two photos of the hibiscus flower from my garden. They were taken on a Sunny winter morning about a week back.

And this one was taken after a couple of days. It had rained heavily here in Nagpur for those two days and the flower had taken quite a bit. But the hibiscus still looked beautiful despite of it being an overcast day and it had just stopped raining when I took this picture.


forexx1402 said...

these flowers look so fresh n nice n u have done justice with it too it so nice to c the raindrops on the flower n the colors purity everything is so nice

i m ur fan
keep up the good work
i will eagerly waiting for the next update

Dagny Taggart said...

Sun drenched yellow, with crimson red fading into white...what poetry in color...very well captured!!!

Awesome stuff...I will really look forward to the magic you intend to do with the slr :):) ...someday I hope to buy one of my own :P

magiceye said...

beautiful captures!

Vibhuti B said...

Ornithology and now Botany too?
this blog is multifaceted!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely creative...:-)these pics. bring even more close to nature...b'ful...

yojita said...

this i s why i love slr!!!brilliant colors!!
oh well im a fan of ornithology too!
i would love to follow this blog!

Sunny said...

@Forex - Welcome, Thanks for your comments.

@Dagny - Wow, I was sure you could write on anything and that confirms it, why dont you write something on it. I'll be glad if you could.

@MagicEye - thanks again

@Vibhuti - Is it Vibhuti or is it Kartik, huh? I never knew birding has sucha difficult name ... lol.
I'm glad you consider this blog as multifaceted. Thanks a lot :-)

@Anon - Thanks

@Yojita - BTW the one with the rain/dew drops on the flower is taken with the mobile cam. But it still came out well, beautiful, isn't it ?

Dagny Taggart said...

err...U want me to write something on the flower photo???

Sunny said...

you already started writing ... So thought i'll give u a tug :-) ... Even i didn't observe it so keenly ... Lol

Anonymous said...

amazing pics..

do check out mine here:

Dagny Taggart said...

:) oh that cause the colors of nature fascinate me...well now that you mentioned it...here goes

Musings of the yellow flower...

Sun drenched yellow, with crimson red fading into white,
They called me poetry in color basking in the glory of light.
Rain drops adorn and winds serenade,
But soon my existence would fade.
I was to cease like a joy that existed never,
Until he captured me into a memory forever!

Pinky said...

excellent captures...love flowers n nature

- Sugar Cube - said...

B'ful pics!

Sunny said...

@ Thoughtful Randomness - Even your's are really good ... I like the colors a lot.

@Dagny - See, I told ya .. you can write on anything, and its lovely ... Thanks for it ... and ya thanks for including me in there too ...

@Pinky - Thanks. I'm glad you like it ... would post more ... keep visiting.

@Sugar Cube - Thanks :-)


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