Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ek choti si guzarish

Aaj fir ek ankahi si khwahish ki hai
Tujhe paane ki fir se guzaarish ki hai
Na yakeen raha hai apni kismat par
Fir aaj apni kismat ki aazmaish ki hai

Tu kar raha hai door jaane ki koshish humse
tujhe paas rakhne ki fir se chaahat ki hai
Sun sake tu aaj fir chaukhat par teri,
zara zor se apne kadmon ki aahat ki hai

Aaj fir aayi hai ek aur galti meri saamne
fir tujhse maafi ki guzarish ki hai,
padh sake tu meri aankon ko aaj fir,
fir aaj tujhse nazrein milane ki chahat ki hai

na rakh paunga tujhe paas yeh lagta hai tujhe
aaj fir mere ishq ki aazmaish hui hai
kehti hai tu door rehna mujhse,
Is paagal se aaj fir tune samajdari ki khwaish ki hai

Na raha hai yakeen tujhe mere shabdon par
fir bhi ek aur baar apne shabdon ki numayish ki hai
laut aaye tu ke fir ek baar mere paas
aaj fir kuch aisa likhne ki kooshish ki hai

Aaj fir ek ankahi si khwaish ki hai
aaj fir tujhe paane ki koshish ki hai
aapne dil ko tere kadmoon mein rakh kar
aaj fir tujhse laut aane ki guzaarish ki hai

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kab se ...

Kab se thi ek tamanna dil mein ,
Kaash tum bhi kabhi humare ishq ke mohtaaj hote,

Na rehti yeh tanhai is dil mein ,
Na kisi buri aadat ke mohtaaj hote,

Na ghoomte yuh bewajah gali gali,
Na kisi ke aane ke aksar ehsaas hote,

Na khalti kami kisi ki is dil ko,
Na hi kisi ki aahat ke aghaas hote,

Na rehti woh ranj tujhse bhi kabhi,
Aur na koi gile shikwe dil ke paas hote,

Kab se thi ek tamanna is dil mein,
Ke tum kabhi toh humare ishq ke mohtaj hote ...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wonder where am I lost ...

Its been a long long time that I have only been looking at my blog and wondering, Why am I not updating it? I am at a loss thinking it over and over. Why is it that I am not able to write clearly, write well, oh ... forget write clearly and well ... why am I not able to write at all ??? Its a really strange situation that has engulfed me these days. Sitting down to write used to be a pleasure break that I used to wait for in the past, but its really become a pain these days. I have such a lot of thoughts running in my mind but the pain is taking them all away one by one.
The pain would have compelled me to write if it were sometime in the past but I guess I have realized lately, that like all things good or bad, even pain has a limit to it. A bit of pain can make a lovely poem, a bit more can make a lovely song, a bit more ... 4 months of writers block ... :-) ...

sorry to bother those too busy with their stuff ... posting this one just for me ... ;-)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gazing in the void ...Repost ...

I am reposting this after correcting and straightening the Horizon.

Thanks Daniel for the feedback ... Will always look to improve ...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nature and Rains ...

These are some of the pics that I had taken one morning just after it had rained ... Just loved the texture and vividness water created on these plants ...


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