Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids once again...

A new challenge everyday

a new achievement everyday,

life has such a lot of it to offer me.

Goals and plans everywhere.

Till almost as far as i can see.

There's such a lot of expectation,

i feel i still have so much to earn.

A vast sea of knowledge,

still so much more to learn.

I'm tryin to run fast,

tryin to keep up with the pace.

Everyone expects me to still go faster,

settling for nothin less than an ace.

I'm starting to get tired,

my limbs ache as i test them,

stretchin them more.

I'm sacred i may not make it till the end,

i don't see the finish line,

i'm still not sure.

As i rest a while to catch my breath,

and relieve my limbs from the relentless pain,

i remember those good old days and wonder,

What If I could be a kid once again.


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