Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Green Bee-eater

The first bird that I spotted on my window was the Little Green Bee-eater, a very colorful and pleasant bird. I'm adding a little more information about it below.

This species is a richly coloured, slender bird. It is about 9 inches (16-18 cm) long with about 2 inches made up by the elongated central tail-feathers. The crown and upper back are tinged with golden rufous. The flight feathers are rufous washed with green and tipped blackish. A fine black line runs in front of and behind the eye. The iris is crimson and the bill is black while the legs are dark grey.

We can see the Golden Crown clearly in the image below.

The neck can be seen in this image, asian green bee-eaters usually dont have a prominent blue neck like their Arabian counterparts, but the shade of blue can be noticed.

Just as the name suggests, bee-eaters predominantly eat insects, especially bees, wasps and ants, which are caught in the air by sorties from an open perch.

Ref: Wikipedia, Google.
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chhavi said...

thts cool u have got lot of information abt the bird nd after the details little green bee eater looks much more beaitiful

Vibhuti B said...

Heyy Ur just an equally amazing photographer as much as a writer!
Fantastic visual treat this little green bee-eater!
And thanks for the credits..very sweet of u

Nalini Hebbar said...

great photos...the blue under the neck is spectacular.

Nethra said...

You aren't writing fictions anymore? Well! I miss them.
Some nice information here. :)

Anonymous said...

no words for sucha wonderful photgraphy....c it's already overflooded with lovely comments....really awesome...:-)hope ya keep it up....

Sunny said...

@Chhavi - Thanks, but the credit goes to Wikipedia and Vibhuti.

@Vibhuti - I never knew that bird, its from your blog that I came to know all that, so the credit is always yours.

@Nalini - Thanks.

@Nethra - I am writing them, in fact you must have read the latest one as I write this reply.

All the kind words would go a long way, I promise to get better.

Thanks again.

Vibhuti B said...

Hi Sunny, where have you disappeared?
In appreciation of your love for birding and nature ingeneral I have designed a blogger award badge eclusively for you..Hope you like it!
Please pick it up at my blog..TC..:)


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