Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where am I ?

Everything around me was blurry and my head ached as I tried to strain my eyes to see who was around me. I could see a couple of outlines of people but couldn't really make out who they were.

"Where am I ?" I thought.

It sure looked like a hospital as the only color I could see all around was white.

"But how did I get here?"

I tried to concentrate but the constant beep from a nearby instrument combined with the thumping headache, which ironically, seemed to match the rhythm of the instrument beep, kept me from thinking anything at all. I closed my eyes again and tried to sleep but I felt an urge to itch on my left hand.

"Maybe a mosquito bite."

I tried to reach out to scratch it but my other hand didn't seem to respond to my mind. I tried to lift my hand again but still no response. I started getting desperate.

"Why was I not able to move my hand?"

"Was I paralysed?"

I tried moving the other body parts one by one. I could only try it on my limbs and my mind started to give away, concentrating more on the headache rather than on the orders I was giving it. I concluded that my right body parts were not responding to my orders.

The itch had started to get me desperate and I couldn't control it any longer. I tried to use the same hand to relieve myself but in the process I disturbed a cord attached to my hand, which seemed to open the pandora's box.

The bedside instrument started to beep wildly and I could feel a sudden commotion around me. Between the beeps I could feel someone touching me. Suddenly, the beeping stopped and I thought I've digged my grave by trying to itch. I could faintly hear someone calling my name.

'Sunny ... Sunny' and I felt a light jerk too.

Then suddenly, I felt a surge of adrenaline pass thru my body, I heard the voice clearly, I felt the commotion , I felt the nudge too.

Startled, I opened my eyes.

Nothing made sense for a moment until I glanced around me only to notice my bedside alarm and my wife saying, 'Get up. You are already late for office.'


Nethra said...

Nice narration. I like your writings. :)

Vibhuti B said...

Hehehe..Nice! ..For once this story didnt have a jerking end...:)

Anonymous said...


chhavi said...

very nice liked it a lot so u get dreams like this ????

jokes apart..
vrey nicely narrated

Sunny said...

Thanks to all of ya. Would keep me going ...

@Vibhuti - I tried not to put a jerking end in this one, although it was hard not to ... I was getting a bit too predictable ... But I hope the change was good.

@Chhavi - I get a lot of wierd dreams ... This one ended well for a change.

Neil said...

Thank God,it's a dream!...well, the change is good...keep going....

Yamini said...

Dreams, eh!! :) :)
u can have a new world altogether if one explores the dreamland!!!

Awesome piece :)

Karthik said...

It was easy to guess. But what made it worth reading is your narrative style. Too good. :-)

Sunny said...

@Neil, Kartik & Yamini - Thanks to all of ya.

Anonymous said...

was thrilling as the rest of ur can go on reading..superb narration.

Haresh said...

I didn't get the post much!

Probably you could have been more expressive.

Or probably I just failed to comprehend it thoroughly.

Sunny said...

@Haresh - Well Haresh, it was a dream. I have just given my thought process of a day, 15 mins in the morning before getting up. It may sound a bit strange to some, I know, but honestly my style of story writing keeps a lot of things to be desired, I know there's improvement needed and I assure you guys that I'm working on it .. You'll see better stories coming for sure. Thanks for dropping by.

Goonj said...

good one! nice shocker :)

chetna said...

really awesm!!!


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