Friday, June 26, 2009

QR code(barcode) an amazing technology ...

When I bought my N95 8gigs and I was going through the applications I came accross one named Barcode. I did not know how to use it and when I tried it on the traditional barcodes( the ones with the straight lines) usually found on the FMCG products I could not get it to read the code. After a bit of researching I came to know that there is a special kind of code(QR code) which is usually found online on webpages. Still couldn't get it to use much till I found out a site wherein you can make the codes yourself. Its fun to use it and you can use it for several purposes. A sample of the code is given below and you can generate as many QR codes as you like with the site. The site address is

Sample: Thats my phone number ;-)

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