Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Poem ...

This is one of the best poems I've ever got, the best part of it being that it was written for me ... lol. Jokes apart, this one is from my sister and its amazing to see how she was able to fit all those years we've been together into these few lines. When I read it the first time, I could literally recall those moments as if I was experiencing it all over again.

Thank you sis.

Here's the poem ....

From day one,
Without knowin it,
I loved u with all my heart..
As i grew, i looked up to u n no other,
Yes we fought many a times, but u supported n encouraged me In everythin i did..
U were my best friend n my hero..
I miss the way u made me feel safe..
I miss the way we used to fight to sleep in pati wala palang in baa's room..
I miss our nonsense arguements n all our wrestling matches jus to pass time..
I miss the times when u n me teased akshu..
I miss the sunday cricket matches where i used to be the umpire,
I miss the way u n akshu teased me by callin me jaadi..
I miss the times when we used to fight for mummy(whom does she love more.. n also who would sleep on her lap 1st...)
I miss the times when u always slaped me for no reason , n i used to show that to papa at nights..
I like to recollect our times together, good times n the bad..
I regret the times i yelled at u, when u where only tryin to help, but u know i did it only coz u did it to me..
I wanted to do everything u did, coz i wanted to be jus like u..
I miss the times when we fought, n all i could do is take ur pant n t-shirts n wear it, which would obviously irritate u..
I still hav that pant of urs.. n whenever i see it, i miss u..
I miss the ways u always cared for me, may be u din't ever say it but it showed..
I miss the time when papa scolded us, n instead of being serious u started laughin..
N most of all i miss the ways u always explained things to me, n din ever scold..
N my 16th birthday when u got me 16 gifts.. o sorry 14.. 2 r remaining huh bhai..
Now that i'm away from u, I feel..
There's jus no one in this whole world who can ever replace u...
U mean a lot to me BHAI...
I'll always love u no matter what..

Isn't it lovely ??


Neil said...

it's indeed lovely...
In fact u r lucky that ur sis has written such beautiful n meaningful lines for u

Sunny said...

Lucky Indeed ... Thanks Neil

Anonymous said...

lovlie...!!! :) You are lucky to get a sibling who express so well.. *touch wood*


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