Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dare to be Wise

This was first motivation when I didn't even know the meaning of the word "Motivation", but still when we used to sing these words, our hearts would swell with pride. This was our school anthem(S.F.S. school, Nagpur). The words had little meaning for me then, but when I read it now I understand why these words were etched on my tongue when I was young.

"Dare to be Wise"

1. Dare to be wise!

Dare to be wise!

Within your reach all knowledge lies

Count not the cost, nor fear the pain,

if great success you wish to gain.

Chorus: Come comrades come! Dare to be wise!

Let us all ever prize

This great aim of our lives

In home and School, in work and play

We'll let it shine and guide our way.

2. Dare to be wise! Dare to be wise!

This rule in life will make you rise,

Hold fast it through storm and strife

Thus you will gain the crown of life.

3. Dare to be wise! Dare to be wise!

To him who strives there comes the prize

But strive must with brain as well

If high we wish to reign and dwell.

4. Dare to be wise! Dare to be wise!

It is the road to paradise.

Avoid the wrong in life be strong

And life's reward will come long.

I express my sincere Gratitude to my school and all my teachers for laying the foundation stone to what I am today. Thanks again.

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