Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday I was
Sitting under the tree
Thinking of the times
That u spent with me

I thought of the times
When sitting under the same tree
I used to admire the nature
Waiting for your entry

I thought of the times
When we went hand in hand
Sitting besides the sea
Making castles on the sand

I thought of the times
When I was in pain
You were the one to say
This isn’t the last stop of life’s train

I thought of the times
When my dark side was near
I dreamt that you’ve left me
And I always had that fear

And then my nightmare came true
And my dreams were shattered
When I met you last
“Goodbye”, were the words you uttered

If you wish to come back
Pardoning all the faults done by me
I would still be waiting for you
Under the same old tree.


max said...

I feel this is the best poem i have ever read....!!!

Neil said...

It's a beautiful piece of reminds me the song...

Chand mera dil,chandni ho tum
Laut ke aana , hai yahin tumko..
ja rahe ho tum, jao meri jaan...

Anonymous said...

loved it..!!!


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