Saturday, February 6, 2010

What If - 1

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I had a small argument with my dad today and I was angry over something that he had done. I tried to explain him my point of view but he just wouldn’t listen to me at all. There are lots and lots of times that things like these happen, not only with me but with all of us. And thoughts like these keep coming to our minds. “Does my dad really have to interfere so much in my life?” or “Why doesn’t he understand that I’ve grown up now” or maybe “He has no rights to decide on what I should be doing”. Some more mature and grown up people may face other dilemmas like “why doesn’t my dad listen to me?” or “Doesn’t he understand this type of behavior does not really stand up to my reputation” or maybe worse “ Should I think of settling up in a new home now that I am not getting along with my dad?”

I was still cribbing over the situation, when I saw my two year old son run outside the house trying to get to the road. I ran after him and caught him before he could get there. He started to cry wildly wiggling his hands and legs in an attempt to get out of my grip. He was shouting at the top of his voice, ‘Tata , tata” ( This is what he says when he wants to go out) but I didn’t listen to him and carried him back inside. My dad was sitting there observing everything, but he didn’t say a word. And after I was back in the house I sat down pondering over the whole scene.

What if I had not stopped my child from running onto the road? What if I had let go of him when he started to shout? It is my duty to take care of him, and I have to do it till I can. But that’s what my dad was doing too, then why do I crib? He must also be feeling the same sense of responsibility towards me, he would also be caring for me the same way I care for my son. After all, everything that I am today is because of him.

What if he didn’t take my mom to the best doctors when I was being born?

What if he thought that jaundice is normal in newborns and he didn’t care much about it?

What if he had not taken me to the hospital on time, when my skin was peeling like the skin of boiled potatoes? (I had a reaction from a medicine)

What if he had not been awake all night when I was having fever?

What if he was not there when I needed him around?

What if he did not stay awake to ensure that I came back home safely, when I got late at night?

All that I am, the very existence of me is because of him. If he would have been complacent over my mere existence, I would not have been what I am today. He’s the one who’s made everything possible for me, sheltered me from all the sun and the storm. He’s the one who’s taken all the right decisions in my life, I owe this life to him and now, just because I have grown up and I understand the world, do I have the right to argue with him over petty matters?

I started feeling guilty for the argument I had with my dad in the morning. I went over to him, he was having tea, and my son was sitting on the table near him. I went over and said, “I’m sorry Dad.”

He didn’t say anything for a moment, and then he turned towards me and while he was holding my son, he said, “Today this young man, my grandson has given me my son back.”

P.S.: I was writing this piece with a father, son, grandson perspective only , and if some of you may find it a bit odd that I have not mentioned my mom, I want to say that I love and respect her a lot, and its just that this piece was written with a flow of thought that related to dad only.

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Vibhuti B said...

Hey..yet again your writing is impressive..A very different take on the WHat If... subject.
Happy to see you participated..what a come backfrom the blogger's block!!

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

nice one dude... i hear froom Vibhuti above that u were on a writers block...den this is excellent comeback!!!

geeta said...

All the three are interesting What If's...gr8 job..

Your narration was free flowing..

Meenakshi said...

great post..

it reminded me much my Dad & Mom love me and what all they have done for me..

was having a silent disagreement with them about a trivial matter.. though I din't speak it out, within me it was turning bitter..

gonna solve it off first thing tomorrow morning..

Thanks.. :)

Sureindran said...

this argument between dad and son happens in every house on earth I believe. good post mate! and keep writing.

Nethra said...

Hey it was pretty good.
You have used the question "What if" properly and explained the relation between a son and father wonderfully.
All the best! :)

Anonymous said...

wot we are today is all 'coz of our parents..if i am still alive is all 'coz of them...they gave me strength to live again...n i actually owe everything to them...i've have very different kinda relation with MA...wish i could do something in life which make them feel gud for's a bitter fact that v become selfish when v grow old...
Nice Narration...reminded me many things altogether....

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Makes me think!!
I guess I need to stop being rude to my mom ....
Happy to be here..reading this post..that has a lesson I learnt!
:~) Good work!

nandita said...

awww..its Beautiful... God Bless you and your family!!!


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