Thursday, August 20, 2009

He made me smile....

There are some relations in life that have no name but can get a smile on your lips when no other relation can. I would like to share one such relation with you. On my way to office I usually come across a small boy at a traffic signal. He must be about 10 years of age. For some days I did not take notice of him. But, as it was a daily thing for both of us we started to recognize each other in some days. He would always come near my car to sell a piece of cloth for cleaning the car and I would always say “No”. He would always smile and come expectantly every time he saw me. After some days even I started to give him a smile in return and would occasionally offer him a candy if I had one in my pocket. For the past few days I did not see him at the signal and he went out of my mind as even I was preoccupied with my stuff. When I stopped at the signal today I saw him and I felt a strange kind of happiness. He gave me a big smile and came running to my car. As usual he said “Sahaab, ek le lo na.” I could not say ‘No’ today. I bought that piece of cloth and gave him a candy. I couldn’t help smiling all the way to my office and I experienced a strange feeling of contentment.
In this bitter world where even a son cannot make his father smile, a small boy who had no relation with me made me smile. A lot of times we ignore or look away when someone tries to sell us something at traffic signals. Even I used to do the same, but I am glad that I did not ignore this boy and he made my day today. Thanks Bro, God Bless You.


Anonymous said...

nirali: cute:)

Nilofer said...

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Yamini said...

Straight from the heart:) Very nice :)
I am glad i read this piece and happier coz i realised that i got a blog buddy :D :D
keep posting. :)

Anonymous said...

dat's so touchin..:):).. these small n kind happenings bring a sweet smile on our faces..which r always remembered..

Neil said...

It feels good to know that ...U r the same....right from shaking hands with the watchman to showing concerns to the people all around ...hope u never change n be urself..

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what children can do. I teach a group of children who are probably the naughtiest class ever. But one saturday that I can't make it and I get dirty looks and shoutings. The innocence is the best thing ever!

Sunny said...

@yamini - Thanks buddy ...:-)

@Neil - doesn't everyone have these qualities? its just the matter of not being occupied at that time and understanding other people. It really is a stress buster, do try it sometime. And ya, I met that watchman a few days ago, had some work at college. :-)

@Psychedchick - Well, I guess as a father of a 2 year old, I am supposed to be aware of what to expect out of children. But then, I honestly feel I'm living my childhood again when I'm with him.


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