Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hardwork Vs Luck

Between Hardwork and Luck, for me
Hardwork had to always matter
But at present, Its not hardwork
Its only the latter

Things keep on changing
like fast spreading forest fire
And more so, the other way
Than I'm supposed to desire

The more I try and
the more I think I could
Things tend to go only
As far as they should

As I try desperately
To break the deadlocks
Problems seem to come
More and more in flocks

The more I kept loosing
The more I had to put on stake
And then I had to wait
For one sweep of real good fate.

Life now stands to have
such wierd complications
That I dare not imagine
What would be the implications

Luck has mostly been
just at the back of my mind
But the more I loose
The more I strive to understand

God, Please dont stretch it too far
Or it would be too late
And I would be forced to believe
Hardwork is Nothing, Its just FATE.



Neil said...

Believe me,whereever u think it's luck, it's really hardwork in disguise........(though i agree, there r always some exceptions when we r forced to believe that luck overshadows hard work)

Anonymous said...

How nicely you use the words to narrate the whole thing.Keep it up..!! Your hard word + the faith can bring the FATE... Though I'm also waiting for the results, bt I believe it will surely work...!!


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